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William Beltran -


U.S. Customs and Border Protection, Department of Homeland Security

I believe the University of Houston is doing an excellent job, and is taking a very proactive approach towards raising awareness regarding CVE not only on campus, but in the local community of Houston as well.  It appears this campaign maximizes it’s messaging potential by utilizing multiple social media outlets (I think the MetoWe website is very well organized, informative, and easy to navigate), and has displayed great commitment to achieving the overall  intended goals and objectives related to the DHS mission to combat CVE.  This event definitely encouraged increased community and government partnerships, provided excellent messaging and counter-messaging strategies for students, and really fostered important conversations focused on some of the complex issues related to causes and drivers surrounding violent extremism.  I believe continuing this type of approach and campaign will remain very effective in forming a positive impact on students, the community, and government partners.


Mubasher Ahmad - 


Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, Author “Approaching the West”

Overall, the event was a great success. The  event was very well managed, and it was good to see panelists representing organizations relevant to the topic: How to counter violent extremism. In my opinion the panelists gave very helpful advice from their specific perspectives. And it was inspiring to listen to the guest speaker Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee. 

The topic of countering violent extremism is  very important, and it needs to be addressed on an ongoing basis. I really appreciate the good efforts of the student body to hold such events. It was a great success. The questions asked by the students were relevant and important. I am sure listening to the answers was helpful. The attendees understood the causes of violence and extremism and how to address the challenges in an effective manner. 

Keep up the good work, please!


I recently read an article that reminded me of the value of the work that you did.  Without these discussions, the university dialogue could become broken.  Because of the discussion you brought to campus, our students get a chance to participate in genuine discourse.  Although the purpose was to address radical ideas which is different than ME to We, the underlying issue of discussion is at the heart.

Quote from the article:

"We refuse to meet speech with violence and oppression. We refuse to invoke the right to free speech to inflame, attack and generate publicity. We refuse to accept the current status quo surrounding speech on university campuses across the country. Instead, we will continue to pursue our mission of creating environments in which students can engage with their peers as free thinkers, express their opinions without fear and have their beliefs, suppositions and prejudices challenged rather than dismissed. Only through these means can we begin to bridge the gap brought on by polarization and allow for a free exchange of political ideas."


A university student shares his thoughts on our event and campaign following the BIG Talk on campus at UH.